Thursday, May 8, 2014


I can use statistics to prove that you are four times more likely to be killed by a gun in the UK than in the USA.

This poster is an 80s classic, the stats are from 1985. The situation is much worse today - in 2011 the figure for gun related fatalities in the US was 32,163, compared to 146 in the UK. 

There are A LOT of people in the USA, so it is more meaningful to compare the number of deaths per capita - an individual in the USA is only four times more likely to die in a gun-related incident than in the UK. 

There is approximately one privately owned fire-arm per person living in the USA, while in the UK there is one gun for every 16 people. This means that every gun in the UK is four times more likely to kill someone than a gun located in the US.  In the USA guns are responsible for four times as many deaths, but in the UK you are four times more likely to be killed by a gun.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

3:21AM, AUG 4TH 2009

I have a life, here, with the patron saint of saving string - not solitary, nay, words and mummery make Many - yet I am just One.


The doorbell rang this morning, I was not expecting a delivery. An elderly woman with a slight stoop and sparkling eyes thrust a family size box of Weetabix into my hands. Uncomprehending, I blathered. She caught my glance and smiled, nodding, before scuttling - with startling suddenness - back into the out-of-the-blue

Monday, August 26, 2013


Dotted, daisy-like, amidst the morass of digital data
Emergent patterns fend for my attention -
The deficit. This hyperspace activity. My disorder.

& behind the veil? Beings & nothingnesses
In massive array. Meaningless. Both form and void,
Yet darkness was upon the face of the deep
Until the Spirit of the browser moved upon the face of the waters ..

& The American Standard Code for Information Interchange said,
"Let there be letters", & there were Words, & for a while the Word was God

Until the Joint Photographics Expert Group said,
"Let there be red, green & blue", & there were pictures,
& boy, it sure was good.

And thus it was: a friend, long-lost, last seen in 1982, in detention,
Located in Arkansas, materialised in person from that binary matrix we now call 'Home' -
He was subjected to my music & my ex, & my first course in insanity.

Now - a new pattern. It emerges. It catches my attention.
His girlfriend, perhaps, possesses a frivolous fetish for facial hair -
On film-stars. On her boyfriend. On a bear.
Three smiling girls all wearing moustaches. They are in America.

I know Everything. I see Everything. I am Everyone. I am Everywhere.

The Secret Poetry of the Cosmic Joke is this:
If it is not on facebook, then it does not exist!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Who will design the best invisible digital piano in the world? We want to see the keys, but nothing else. KURZWEIL? ROLAND? YAMAHA? KORG? E-MU?

The prize is a documentary of a competition-winning pianist playing on your invisible instrument in a series of spectacular locations, on a journey by land and sea, beginning in the grand-canyon and arriving in Rio in time for the 2016 Olympics (made without environmentally damaging air travel, & taking advantage of the portability of your piano).

The deadline is March 15th 2016 - get working !!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


CATFEST3 is called "MOONBOOM", a name I originally used for an Organ Donner event at the legendary squatted London & Brighton pub, in Peckham, back in 2008. 

I intended it to be a monthly event, held on the weekend closest to the full moon - but those were heady days, and I was spiralling out of control - so it was not to be. There was only one MOONBOOM - until now.

I wanted a darker, more dramatic image for the new CATFEST flier, so I looked at my old files for inspiration - MOONBOOM fitted the bill. 

I checked the calendar - full moon is on Monday July 22nd @10.15am.

And that is how MOONBOOM came to be reborn.


Friday, June 28, 2013


Kevin & The End of Time / The Jigsaw - an anthology

Final Message From an Old Dog To The World

 I love, I love you, with the lump on my nose,
With my bloodshot eyes, & my bum;
I love, I love you, with the bald spot on my tail,
With my drool, & smell of dog,
black, black gums


Kisses For Butterfly

 I sent My Butterfly Five Kisses, to say that I had become a man,
Then I sent her Six, to say that I had bin’ talkin' with The Devil,
Then I sent her Seven to say that the bright white light of The Lord is mirror-like,
I had realised my Absolute unity with the Will of The Absolute Consciousness
And it wants me to write a book I can never finish
For a reason I cannot understand.

x x x x x
x x x x x x
x x x x x x x


I’m man essence, man’s semen,
Ice in semen, nascence.

Messiaen! Manic nemeses’ manes!
Mice, Men: same, since men’s nemesis came.

Nice mess,

NB: The poem above is composed of 9 anagrams of the word ‘Immanessence’. The changes in the colour of the text indicate the beginning of one permutation of these 12 letters & the beginning of the next.
The word 'Immanessence' is a compound word, derived from the words 'immanent' (meaning omni-present/all-pervading) & 'essence' (the inherent, immutable nature of a thing). Thus, the definition of 'Immanessence' is: "the essential, unchanging nature of 'that which pervades everything' ".

Suddenly they were alone

Suddenly, they were alone, & everything fell silent.
Then - with her eyes - she said,

"Forget what you know -
Everyone is beautiful.
The more beautiful you feel,
The more beautiful you are.

Forget the past and future.
Find beauty in the quiet space between breaths.
Feel the harmonies & rhythms of nature flow through you.
Feel the harmonies & rhythms of nature flow between you.
Music is sex."

Then - with his body - he said,

"Forget what you know,
G-d is all of everything;
To deny the existence of G-d
Is to deny that anything exists.

Everything is matter,
Everything is spirit;
There is only one substance,
Vibrating at different frequencies.

Forget the past & future.
Find truth in the quiet space between breaths.
Feel the harmonies & rhythms of the stars flow through you.
Feel the harmonies & rhythms of the stars flow between you.
Sex is music."

Then she made a tiny sound, that welled up from deep within,
& he let out a breath,
& together they stopped time.



I am a Christian.

I am a Jew.

I am a Muslim.

I am a Buddhist.

I am a Hindu.

I am a Taoist.

I am a Pagan.

Hydra! - dear dragon! - do stop rolling your snakes’ eyes, & watch your seven tongues -
You’ve been chasing your tail since the day we begun!
It is time to stop fighting your SELF, & remember - you are ONE.

A spell to end war, 2008

Alternate title/cover, 2008

The Fixer

 I'm The Fixer, The Trickster, The Turner of Corners;
Little Miss Muffet, & Little Jack Horner;

I’m Gabriel, The Messenger; & Asrael, The Guide,
Who escorts you, oh!, so gently, into The White Light;

I’m Plato - The Potato! & I'm Socrates - The Sock!
We’re all Jesus, Baby! The Second Conscious Shock.

We’re all Baby Jesus! The Conscious Second Shock.
We’re all Jesus, Baby! The Second Conscious Shock.

I’m a Lighthouse, a beacon; The Seeker, The Seeking;
The Learner, The Learning; The Teacher, The Teaching;

I’m The Wizard of Oz, I'm The Yellow Brick Road,
I'm The Hitch-hiker’s Guide, I’m The High-way Code,

I’m The A-to-Z, I'm The Beginning & The End,
I’m The Alpha & The Omega. Your Nemesis. Your friend.

I’m not a necromancer, I'm not looking for slaves -
‘You seek followers? You seek ciphers.’. Everyone is saved.

Mr. K. mislaid his purpose, he forgot his one true name -
That was the day he lost you, & the day he lost The Game.

BUT! If he can decipher this extra verse that's added on?
Then he understands Magick - & he has just ONE! -

"Living is the answer, to untangle the code,
Rhythm is The Master, who comes from ages old,
Living is The Master, who casts his loom alive,
Who sends his message to you, ’cross the spider’s loom of time."


Through The Looking Glass

Conscious | Unconscious
Unconscious | Conscious
Unconscious | Unconscious
Conscious | Conscious.
Become ONE!

Consciousness | Unconsciousness
Unconsciousness | Consciousness
Unconsciousness | Unconsciousness
Consciousness | Consciousness.
Become  ONE !
Everything | Nothing
Nothing | Everything
Everything | Everything
Nothing | Nothing.
Become  ONE !
The Absolute.
Seen | Unseen
Unseen | Seen
Unseen | Unseen
Seen | Seen.
Become  ONE !
Individual | Collective
Collective | Individual
Individual | Individual
Collective | Collective.
Become  ONE !

Two | Many
Many | Two
Many | Many
Two | Two.
Become  ONE !
Being | Nothingness
Nothingness | Being
Nothingness | Nothingness
Being | Being.
Become  ONE !
The Absolute.
Exoteric | Esoteric
Esoteric | Exoteric
Esoteric | Esoteric
Exoteric | Exoteric.
Become  ONE !
Truth | Secrets
Secrets | Truth
Secrets | Secrets
Truth | Truth.
Become  ONE !
One | Many
Many | One
Many | Many
One | One.
Become  ONE !
Sane | Mad
Mad | Sane
Mad | Mad
Sane | Sane.
Become  ONE !

Outside | Inside
Inside | Outside
Inside | Inside
Outside | Outside.
Become  ONE !

Sane | Enlightened
Enlightened | Sane
Enlightened | Enlightened
Sane | Sane.
Become ONE.

NB: This is a spell to turn lead into gold. This spell is part of a multipack, & is not be sold separately ©2008

Through The Looking Glass:
The obvious [& not-very-secret] secret 14th verse

Consciousness, conscience: the absolute vision!
One! One!: the Absolute reality!
Truth: One! Sanity: Reality.
Become ONE!

Through The Looking Glass: 
The subtler [& slightly-more-secret-secret] 15th verse

 A Ba | A Ka
A Ka | A Ba
A Ka | A Ka
A Ba | A Ba
Become ONE!

NB: This is s spell to become one with your self. This spell is part of a multipack, & is not to be sold at all, ©2008

I looked into the clear blue sky

I looked into the clear, blue sky,
I gazed into the ice-white light;
I looked into every corner that I could gather,
I archived ev'ry thought & stage & dream -
I AM The Great Librarian in The Sky.


For The Sinners & Their Lovers

THIS is the wise, wild, well-oiled oats,
what I turns upon this spinner -

THIS goin' be the break of day,
THIS goin’ be the dawn of time,
THIS goin’ be the sunshine
For the sinners & their lovers.

All THIS, for THAT crystal-clawed cactus,
THAT Jewel-allied actress - Ally Kraw.

It was dark in the desert,
It was dark ‘n’col’, an’ she shivered,
An’ she shivered more;
For water from her pores
Was in her clothes from the heat before.

Her fingernails, all painted white,
Jus’ like an’ angel jus’ got outta gaol,
Rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat on her steering wheel, y’all -
An’ whats more like an angel than that actress-whore,
Rat-a-tat-tat on her steering wheel, y’all ...

   ... In the parkin’ lot ...

         ... of the motel ...

               ... in the desert ...

                      ... in the dark.

THIS goin’ be the break of day,
THIS goin’ be the dawn of time,
THIS goin’ be the sunshine
For the sinners & their lovers.


Devil Dealin’s Done 

Now formless - sometimes frozen - patterns in the sand
guides that sometimes lazy God to raise his ol’ right hand;
Now - If I knows somefin’ - don’ let his left hand know -
His right hand might have made a fist, but never struck a blow.

Don’ play dice with demons, doll, don' listen to this song,
Don’ go dealin’ with devils, Dave, 'coz devil dealin’s wrong -  mmm-mmm -
My devil dealin’s done - mmm-mmm -
My devil dealin’s done - mmm-mmm -
My devil dealin’s done.


Let me tell you something, Mr.K.,

First you will think that I am the Devil.
Then you will think that I am God.
Then you will think that I am You.
Then you will think that you are God & The Devil.
Your girlfriend will think that I am the Devil,
She will think that you are possessed by a devil
& she will leave you.

Mr. K, you are an Angel, yes,
But they will certainly think you are a Devil,
And they may try to put you away -
I know you are not looking forward to this.
If they are wise they will let you stay free,
And only in this novel will you do time in jail or the secure unit,
And you will be a martyr

Only in this novel.

THE BOMB - Alternate cover/title

The Ketamine Blues

I spent the Incapacity on ketamine, it’s true,
& I spent your Dad’s money on ketamine too,
& the money I made, selling ketamine to you -
I spent it on ketamine – I gots the ketamine blues

Addiction ain’t dat easy,
’Cept when yo’ gettin’ high,
But addiction ain’t no problem
When yo’ got a good supply.

A talkin’s over-rated,
A buzzin’ jus’ like flies -
If no-one ne’er said nuffin’
Noboddeh would lie.

I got dem darn ol’ keta-meanie blues,
A'rampagin’ around  muh ol’ round-square brains,
I’ve gots dem bless-ed keta-meanie blues,
Canin’ a crooked k-line for Baby Strange

Co-ord’nashun ain’t dat simple,
Could fall an’ crack yo head,
But you don’ need to co-ord’nate –
Jus’ spend your life in bed !

K got just one drawback –
Either it drives you insane
Or - it’s what gets in you, inbetween,
While you’re on The Astral Plane ,,,

I’ve cried those cuss-ed keta-meanie cries,
Bin’ cookin’ up K mixed with my tears,
I told dem darn ol’ keta-meanie lies,
You said you could read them in my beard


The Celebrated Mr K.

 I have to build still big-bigger lines,  big as Guan’tanmo Bay,
I’m The Prisoner, you are Number 1, THE ONE that got away,
I’m The Princess, in the tower – don’t know what it is I done –
This Porridge is neither hot nor cold. Be seeing you.       Josef K.



I’ll tell you something, you’ll end up taking more and more. And more. Why? Because its like it’s trying to tell you something. But every time you work out what it is? You come out of it and its gone – like you’re shooting holes in the veil of illusion – but they close up quick as you can make ‘em. Eventually a few of the holes stick. And now? You can’t hear it, not exactly, ‘cause it’s your own voice, it’s you – but its saying to you, or you can feel it,

“I got something to tell you, I GOT SOMETHING TO TELL YOU!”

You gotta know what its gonna say, you gotta know! So you end up taking more and MORE – ‘til finally the sheet is all shot through with holes and it falls away – and you didn’t meditate yourself here, you’ve still got your old model of reality, you’ve still got your EGO, yer BAGGAGE – but it’s trying to co-exist with the sphere of universal archetypal characters and narratives buried deep in your unconscious. At this point you’ve effectively got a split personality – there’s you, like a tiny baby, in the face of this ancient, cosmic other, a singularity expressing itself through the myriad masks of a shifting panopoly of subselves – and this other is asking you this riddle,

“Who am I? Can you guess who I am? Who do you think I AM?’.

For a while this ancient, universal part of you might be stronger than you are, you’re possessed by it – you’re still there, but some OTHER is calling all the shots – until you work out the answer – “I AM YOU”. Now, you might not be who you were before, not exactly, though that’s in the mix, but there’s AN OTHER veil, another riddle, yet it is the same riddle – “WHO AM I?”. You keep on shooting holes, more and more holes, ‘til this veil, too, it falls away – you’ve solved the riddle.

Now I understand! What a relief’ you think, ‘now I can stop putting this fucking white stuff up my nose, now I can stop speaking like an old bluesman, now I can start rebuilding my tiny life, my tiny life that The Celebrated Mr K so casually tossed away, this great small life, this life that once seemed like a river – so long, at least as long and as wide as it is, but with a beginning and an end – that now seems life a drop of rain, with infinity within – a single snowdrop that has found the ocean.’

‘There is no God where I AM’


There are seeds in the water
That seethe in the water
It breathes in the water
It breeds

There are eyes in the water
That arise in the water
It lies in the water
It sees

There are seeds in the water
That seethe in the water
It breathes in the water
It feeds

There are eyes in the water
That arise in the water
It lies in the water
It’s Me


Official Jester mental health warning: This is a very bad spell. If chanted while cooking up Ketamine in a frying pan and gazing into the bubbling ‘eyes in the water’ you are guaranteed to summon something - probably something pretty scary and/or downright evil. If you still think this is a good idea – take it from me, it isn’t. I wouldn’t read it out aloud at all, if I were you. I wouldn’t even read it in my head from beginning to end - but it’s too late for you to worry about that now. Hahahahahahaha! 2008


Well, I’m not gay,
but I’m a-suck-suck-suckin’ on dis trannies cock-stub
like it was a hive of lemons at the dawn of time, babies -
‘cause the ketamine an’ the G, they sez ‘hello!’
and I realise, all at once,
that I iz the beginnings & the ends of everything, babies,
& that none of the rules apply to me –
‘cause for one day only - I iz the transmogrifier of dem jellied-eel-space-vitamins
for the one-handed, eagle-haloed time-bandit some call G-d.

Sorry, mate, I’ve jus’ realized, sonny,
when your cock cries ‘gonna blow, gonna blow!
Gonna blowblow blowBLOW BLOW!’ -
sorry, mate, I’m gettin’ outta here first -
I’m just not gay enough, & while
your purple spermatozoa might like the back of my throat
like a baby loves it’s mama’s milk -
I’d rather swallow razors
than drink your purplestinking space-juice - babies!

Tell you what- jus’s gimme summa dem darn fine jellied-eel-space-vitamins of love & death,
& ahm a-gonna go & find myself a real woman - right now!
‘cause I been a-lookin’ a-deep-down-dark,
a-deep-down-dark inside,
cause I bin a-lookin’ deep-down-dark
insides your honey eyes -
yet all I see is me, mate,
inside your funny eyes, mate,
and its all very nice, & that, mate,
but I can do that alone at home -


The Long and Lonely Road of Song

No, not lost, love knows no fear,
The ink is wet but the map is clear

I belong along the long’n’lonely road, of song, My Dear,
I belong alone along the long’n’lonely road of song.


the gates of the end of times

We are too far gone,  you will always be my other,
Without you I am absolutely alone.

I rides the gates of the end of times and a million possible hells,
You are the mirror-like-one, spread soft, like kitten-silk,
Upon which screen I cast my dreams,
I will always be without you and within you,
Longin’, longin’, longin’ for loving kindness to return.


I’m Here, I’m Here

What fate befalls the calls I cannot hear?
You cast the very last, I fear, into thin air –
into the vast thin air

I’m here, I’m here, in the vast thin air

When you grasped me in our lost, past time,
you thought you caught me passin’ by,
reflected in the grass and sky

I’m here, I’m here, in the grass and sky

Don’ be afraid, you’ve found me, hear my heart,
the clouds reform in stones’n’storms’n’spoons’n’tears’stars

I’m here, I’m here, in the tears and stars

We are too far gone,  you will always be my other,
Without you I am absolutely alone

I rides the gates of the end of times and a million possible hells,
You are the mirror-like-one, spread soft, like kitten-silk,
Upon which screen I cast my dreams,
I will always be without you and within you,
Longin’, longin’, longin’ for loving kindness to return

I’m here, I’m here, with you, my dear


I LovE You So mUch My Insides HuRt!

You are The Question, & I AM The Answer,
You are The Thinker, & I AM The Dancer,
I AM The Future, & you are The Past -
Mine is the first language, &yours is the last.

You are The Hunter, & I am The Farmer,
I’m The World Healer & you’re The Self-harmer,
I’m Adam, The Beginning, & I’m Christ, The End,
& you are the bit in the middle, my friend.

And I love you so much my insides hurt
And I love you so much my insides hurt

You’re Eve, the first woman, you’re my evolution,
You’re The Riddler, The Riddle, & this is The Solution:
I’m The Joker, I’m laughing, for my time has come -
This party’s in your honour - I’m buildin’ a bomb!

You’re Batgirl, you’re beautiful, I love you, forgive me,
Forgive your SELF, forgive the victims, I need you with me.
You grow up to be Catwoman, so proud & so pretty,
OUR anti-matter LOVE-bomb WILL unexplode Gotham City!

I am Joseph, son of Jacob, who forgave his brothers

And I love you so much my insides hurt
And I love you so much my insides hurt



You thought the world was a game,
You thought the world was a competition.

All along you were racing for that stolen crock of gold,
In search of profits, gains and margins at The Rainbow’s end,
When The Rainbow’s prophets perform Alchemy with souls alone.

You were always restlessly pursuing, or searching, for an Other
Or running or hiding from some ‘Devil’ (Your SELF! Your MOTHER!)

You thought the world a game, a competition.

All along the world was actually a stage,
A stage in the process of the progress of the passage of high creation –
And the next stage is even better!

You thought the world was a game, you thought the world was a competition.

“When the doors of perception are cleansed you will perceive all things as they truly are – infinite” [BLAKE]

You will see that, all along,
I was HIM as you were HIM as you were ME
And that we were always all TOGETHER.

You will see that, all along,
I was ALWAYS another you

And everything will be illuminated.



I AM The Prism at The Beginning of Time

I AM The Prism at The Beginning of Time,
I AM The Light that shines through it,
I AM the raindrops at the beginning of the Rainbow,
I AM the sunlight that shines through the rain.

I AM The ONE, broke The Pure White Light’s Heart,
Mirror-like, it shattered, love & will torn apart,
Seven tribes scattered, seven splintered shards-
Some Devil dealt you seven low-scoring cards

I AM The Prism at The End of Time

At the end of HIS story WE break out of the prison
LOVE & WILL will BECOME our ONE reason
I’ll be a spinning-top, I’ll be a plate-spinner, I’ll be a Dervish, a priest
When Seven become One, the long wait is done, & all of your suffering shall cease

Prayer for A Supersized Southern Belle in The Spiderworld

NOW! Enjoy yo’self!  Yo’ reams o’ foamy baloney,
Yo’ more than ’nuff for any prevert what los’ his lid,
For anyone’s whats wanted mo’ an more, an’ forgot t’stop -
Yo’ the cookies’n’d’cream for d’cream’n’cookie kidz

Baby sure can talk the talk -
BUT BABY! Yo’ can barely walk



You cry ’cause you’re strong, ’cause you’re strong you cry,
You cry ’cause you’re strong, ’cause you’re strong you cry

I know you’re broken, baby, I know you’re broken,
I know you’re broken, baby, I know you’re broken

Got a fix, got a quick fix, baby,
It’s a sweet fix, like Pritt-stick, baby

Got a fix, got a quick fix, baby,
It’s a cheap fix, like Blu-tac, baby

Not the Superglu gonna mend your soul,
Not the Superglu gonna make you whole

You lie ’cause you're wrong, ’cause you're wrong you lie,
You lie ’cause you're wrong, ’cause you're wrong you lie

I know you’re broken, baby, I know you’re broken,
I know you’re broken, baby, I know you’re broken

Got a draw, take a deep drag, baby,
It’s the real deal, like Ronseal, baby

Got a draw, take a deep drag, baby,
It’s a deep, cheap clean like Domestos Gel, baby

Sex, the Superglu gonna seal our souls,
Love is the Loctite gonna make us whole

The Mirror-Like White Light

As soon as you become aware of presence,
The moment I make myself known to you,
At that moment you will know me by what I do
And you will name me in accordance with your understanding of
“Who it is that you have named as the one who does the things I do”

And what is it that you perceive I do?
I rob you of your will, replacing it with mine,
I claim your soul as my own,
I require that you love me above all things.

And because you perceive that I kill you, rob you and enslave you,
And because I am unknown to you and you fear me,
And because you think you can see that I will take your precious jewels for my own,
That I will turn your hoarded treasure to ordinary stones,
Replace your material ‘gold’ with baser metals
And turn your living flesh to dry bones, you despise me,
You run from me.

Do not be afraid.

Even as you run from me
See that I am YOUR fear and that you have nothing to fear but fear itself, namely ME.
I am death, if that is what you fear.
I am The Devil, if it is The Devil you fear.

It is in this way that I am the mirror-like spirit at the beginning and the end of time.
When you run from my white light red-shift occurs: run, run, run!
See the fiery furnace of your imminent destruction in hot pursuit!
However fast you run the gates of hell draw closer!
Abandon hope.
Abandon hope and enter me.
I dare you to confront me,
I am your deepest fears!
You cannot run,
Walk towards me.
Walk into the fire.
Walk towards the light.
Do not abandon hope,
Abandon yourself.
Do not lose yourself,
Abandon yourself.

There now, my child,
There are no Devils, Magicians, Vampires, Ghosts, Demons.
Yes, there is a dual nature to the manifestations of individual forms that arise in my great wholeness:
Without duality there could not be variation
And without variation I would not be any different from the Nothingness.

I am Being.
I am The Being.
I am The Being at The Beginning and The End of Time.
I am The Beginning and of The End of Time.
I am Time.
The End of Time is The Beginning of Time.
The Beginning of Time is at The End.

I am the spirit of The Absolute, of Absolutely Everything,
I am the spirit of The Whole,
The Whole Spirit,
The Holy Spirit,
The Ghost of The Whole,
The Holy Ghost:
I am the Mirror-like-white-light!

All apparently individuated forms are expressions of my timeless, eternal overflowing expression of divine love, consciousness, intelligence and joy
And you better believe it, baby!

You thought I came to rob your will?
Your will was always mine.

You thought I wanted to steal your soul?
Your spirit never left the entirety of all.

You thought I required of you that I love you above all things?
I AM the true love above all things and through them.

Yes, when you die I will take back your jewels,
Both the trinkets that you borrowed and the precious gifts I gave you to equip you for your mission.

Do not be afraid,
In the end no-one is damned.

The destination of the most developed sages and the ultimate fate of all things:
Returning home to the Absolute Consciousness, Buddhahood.

Just as your dead body’s constituent elements will be slowly sorted and transformed in a chemical conversation with my soil
Your spiritual elements will be slowly sorted and transformed in a spiritual conversation with my soul,
If nothing  remains of you following this conversation, if there is no crystal, no jewel,
Then you will simply know that you are G-d.

Let it be known:
You are free to return to me, at any time, in life or death,
You were always a mini-me to my Dr Evil,
Your personal nature not unlike mine in microcosm.

Oh, Brave Ones!
You who have stepped outside The Kingdom of Heaven!
Know then that you can return at any time.





I Was Mad, But I Came Back

Now everyone knows: yes, for a moment,  I was mad - but I came back. 
If I was still mad, this is what I would now say to you:

“Is it right for me to sell the things these hands have fashioned?
Were they ever mine to sell? Could I sell my hands themselves?
Like my hands, the things these hands have forged are gifts from that come from everywhere and nowhere.  They were never mine to sell, I could no more sell my hands themselves.
Yes, I joyfully catch them! It is with the greatest pleasure that I interpret them. And throughout my life I have always, and will always, strive, against all odds, to score them for ‘reality’.
I was dreaming before I was born, and from that moment I knew I had to build a dreamcatcher. And now that, against all odds,  I am finally become the semblance of The Dreamcatcher that I wished that I could build?
Then it is, alas, time to set about the ‘proper’ sharing - iceberg-tip-like - of my dream and vision.
My dreams and visions –

I must learn to let each one of you go, to fend for yourself – cast adrift into a world that only waits, a swarm of looming vultures perched, to tear you to shreds and consume you.

My dreams
ready to leave the nest,
and good riddance

it was only proper you should remain hidden from view
while you were getting changed into your ball-dress:
you can come out now, come out, please come out, do,
yes, people will laugh and look away –
but that is the point –
you are THE joke.

In all honesty, Truth,
though you look so very perfect now,
in your tattered gown –
you are,
I confess,
not what I would chosen to have dreamed at all.

But then you can no more chose your children’s path than your fathers.

Indeed - before I could properly see the proper way to build a dreamcatcher  -
it was necessary, first, to choose my fathers’ path.
This is the manner in which I began planning for the past,
an operation that I fortuitously completed just half an hour before I began
 - meaning it was not necessary to stay insane very long to achieve the desired effect

SALE OF THE CENTURY. Yes, indeed, I do actually have an unbelievable urge just to give it all away. Unfortunately, having offered a free service for 34 years, I now find myself in dire financial trouble. I am called to sell all I have and all I have are these dreams.
You are welcome to take first pick of this amazing never-seen-before windfall, this endless feast, namely the joy and fear of music. The first take is always the best – because the first take is the actuality, it IS the being of the thing itself, and everything else is just echoes. Let us commune joyfully in anything we share.

Now everyone knows: yes, for a moment,  I was mad, but I came back. 
Now, friendly-welfare-state-I-paid-for, allow this dreamseller enough time to set up his stall. Please! I am going to start playing your game. It is not my game, forgive me my trepidation, I find no joy in soiling my wares with your filthy money.  Deal me in, Mr Bush, Mr Brown, I can play, see me selling people things that are already theirs? Have I learnt well? Do I get the job? I already got a job.

Alternate title/cover, 2008

Last Lies From a Beast

My, my, my, Gypsy Girl, why, you’re so ah be-a-you-tea-full this mornin’,
There’s an aurora about you, your wings, they're trans-lucifer-scent in the half-light,
I’m half crazy when I’m about you - and how! - half crazy without you, now,
We’re so wicked! – but never lazy, baby - jus’ bountiful’n’hazy, baby,
It’s all in the scenes from The Cathedral at The End of Time,
Amazin’ grace, divine glory, shinin’ in in the mornin’, baby,
The last lines from the final act, the last lies from a beast

The first lady layed bare, Leo, at The Gates of Eden,
By bachelors and rapists, papists, vampires and Beelzebub’s first bride
At the Gates of The Illusion of The Dawn of Time - Listen! - Hide!
Its thunder sent at the at the wonderment of the eminent line,
We’re the A-list in heaven, but we’re the Z-list on earth,
Unless you’re prepared to put your head in the vice -
My hair is on fire, honey, so don’ get too close ...

I’m the pastor-physician, fixing up lines,
I’m the Master Magician, come to fix Time,
I’m shaggy, I’m baggy, baby, I’m erect, alert and perky,
I’m pinky, I’m pert, maybe I’m barking, but I’m I’m smart -
I’m John Steed: The Unavenger, on his final mission for Mother,
We’re Rosemary’s Babies, The White Horse has gone underground,
We’re all doing time and we’re the first in line to be released.

I’m magnetic, you’re pragmatic, we’re wasted, we’re wired,
You’re electric, you’re a lady, we’re ecstatic, we’re crazy,
We’re The World’s least favourite party – it’s time to get blasted!
We’re jelly babies, we’re wolfin’ blue Smarties,
We’re Sufi’s, but broken, on this blue, blue earth,
Lost upon heaven’s one true path, on mankind’s foul perfume,
Seduced - good book, line and sinker

I’m a mountain, you’re a valley, I’m treading on toes,
I’m trippin’ the light brightly, with a crystalline nose,
It’s a diamond, it’s breakfast, it’s Tiffany’s hearts,
It’s miracle lungs, things fall apart, I’m speakin’ in tongues.
I’m Aladdin, Gene Genie, splicing devils and angels,
Synchronised swimmers in a river of blood,
At mankind’s last orgy in the primordial mud

The succour, this candour, the Will’o’the Wisp,
This fucker will fuck her, then give her a kiss,
This necromancer’s a chancer, chooses where he lays,
Where’er his hatful o’ pennies is he stays,
This Joker’s last mime comes at the end of this verse,
Beelzebub’s birthday, the end of the curse,
It’s a miracle, baby, time will be reversed.

Love is unlocked and sex unconfused,
The unseen revealed, the story’s concludes.
Love is you, love is blinding,
The Mirror-like White Knight,
Love is The Dancer and Love is the light,
Love is the answer and Love is the key
To the door in the veil of the free.

There are no more delusions, illusions, no lies,
Now you’re The Lords of The Stars? Fuck the flies!
The vessel is empty, the vessel is full,
Upon the wheels of eternity the vessel is still,
I AM free, like the only One, in love with his lives,
As The Dragon adores the beast,
At The End of Time.

Fuck Music, fuse muses, debase the abusers,
My princesses are fuchsia’s, yours are illusions -
On Monday we’ll turn wine to water,
On Tuesday we’ll swim on the land,
On Wednesday we’ll eat the five thousand,
And on Thursday we’ll turn gold to sand
- The greatest miracle is THIS

We’ll spend a long time waiting and searching,
For the silver birch, The Moon, me and yew,
When the fig leaves, they fall, from The Great Masters,
We’ll stand naked and stoned, on the banks of The Thames,
The sacred scales will fall from our eyes
And Ra will tell us to return,
One more time.

For our souls weigh more than the bodies of men,
We’ll fall from the sky - yes - we all sold The World,
For a magic bean, an apple, and a single grain of sand.
 I’ll call you a daffodil, for you’ll come in The Spring,
When the Green Man raise’ his hand o’er this land
One more time.

Final Message From The World to an Old Dog

I love, I love you, for the lump on your nose,
For your bloodshot eyes and your bum,
I love, I love you, for the bald spot on your tail,
For your drool, and smell of dog
and black, black gums ..

.. now DIE.
the end