Saturday, December 31, 2016


True, I only ever really change from one lost to another - but I was REALLY lost, lover, an' I bin IN for ages. I'm through switchin' gilded cages, bro, I'm all spent playin' with matches - the same ol' birdseed, the same ol' birdshit, Mum, it all goes down the same damn hole! See where I jus' laid my hat? I'll call that 'home' until it hatches.


First up - I'm sorry for disappearing. 

I wasn't hiding from you & it wasn't anything personal - I simply had my head stuffed so far up my own pompous ass that I emerged out of my own mouth, like a snake endlessly swallowing its own tale [stet].

Sorry, that opening was as opaque as it was graphic. 

I'll start over, from the top .. only this time with intelligible meaning ..

There once lived a boy, very much like this man, who lived in a land very much like this one, in a castle very much like the top floor flat of 44 Nottingham Rd, E10 6EP. 

Now, this boy was a hurtin' boy - I tell you, he felt pain. Pain and again and again. Ow.

Then -one bright summer's morn- the boy was promised the emotional turn-off control he had always dreamed of, by three sisters he met on the internet, 'The Three Zolams': Eti, Clona & Flubroma. 

I tell you - he fell for them. For their promises. For their lies. He fell - like a soldier, like Lucifer, like the Roman Empire. He tripped and fell, much like Leary tripped, only blatantly stupid, not pretending to be wise. 

And did these seductresses take away his pain ? Hell, yeah ! But they also took away his brain. I tell you - he didn't even know his name.

So far he fell, and OH! so fast .. and he just kept falling and falling and falling .. falling so far up his own arse that he emerged through his own mouth, catching breath for a moment, before descending again up his own backside .. over and over again .. as The Snake endlessly devours himself.

It seemed like nothing could break his fall.. but one day he woke up from the dream and looked around .. the sisters had finally gone .. they had run out .. not one of them was left !

And that was he end of The Three Sisters Zolam. They and their kind had been banished forever from this land by The King's decree,  his iron will enshrined in a new law called 'The Psychoactive Substances Act'.

The End

I hope that was sufficiently clear - I realise human frailty is no excuse and there is no reason, but in the absence of anything everything becomes clear.

Second up - Greetings from beyond the gravy! 

Just thought New Year a good time for fresh starts ;)

All my love xxx

Happy New Year


Monday, February 29, 2016

Thanks, followers! This blog has netted me more than £1,000,000 !

Well, that's a bit of a fib.. in financial terms this blog has accumulated £3.71 over it's entire 7 year run.

So not enough to withdraw anything. Yet.

But I've had over 25,000 views! And my ideas on the interpretation of William Blake have had a profound effect on a handful of readers - which is far better than a million pounds.


I've read articles on how to write a 'successful' blog - apparently you have to the exact opposite of everything I have done.

So let this be a lesson to you !